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How to Identify a Lucasi Pool Cue

In our previous blog, we thoroughly reviewed each of the Lucasi Pool cue series. And we also picked up at least one cue from each series to review it and let you know the specification of cues featured in different series.

But how would you identify or determine the model number of a Lucasi pool cue? Surely, while buying one, you’d love to know all about it. Or just in case, you have an old Lucasi cue resting on your Billiards table and you aren’t sure about which model it belongs to, you’d love to find out all about it.

Identify a Lucasi Pool Cue & Determine its Model

In this blog, we’ll talk about the identification of a Lucasi pool cue and how one can determine the model of a Lucasi pool cue.

The Manufacturer can Help with Model Number

Well, in short, there is no specific way or hint given on your cue to identify its model. The thing is, only the manufacturer can tell you the exact model number of a Lucasi cue because there’s no such hint or model identification given on your Lucasi cue.

For this reason, many people actively participate in forum discussions on Billiards platforms to determine the Model number of their Lucasi cue, but a very few can judge the cue by its picture and look.

In a nutshell, if you are not certain about the Model number of your Lucasi cue, contact the manufacturer (better send the picture of your cue as well) to know all about it.

By examining the shaft and other elements of a cue, the manufacturer would be able to identify its model number. The problem is, older cues have gone through trivial and big changes over the years, and with their genuine parts removed, you can’t identify the model they belong to. But if you remember the specifications of your cue or it still has genuine accessories, you can identify its model number online.

How to Identify a Lucasi Pool Cue online?

Fortunately, if your cue still has genuine parts like tip, ferrule and the genuine shaft, you can find out the model and other details of your Lucasi pool cue.

First of all, examine all the specifications and write them down on Google along with Lucasi’s name.
Upon searching, Google will show a few series of Lucasi pool cues. One by one, go through all the series and match the specifications of searched cues with the cue in your hand.

Once every specification and design has been matched, you have found your pool cue online. Now somewhere in the Specifications section, model number and other relevant details will be present.

But if your Lucasi cue is more than a decade old, or manufactured at a time when there was no online buying and selling, it is highly possible that your cue is not available on the internet. In this case, only the manufacturer can help you with it.