Recommended Pool/Snooker Table Sizes for Home, Bars & Other Spaces

Whenever you think about buying the billiard table, the first thing that comes to mind is what will be the right size of table?

In this article, we are going to share some deep insight regarding the sizes of different pool/snooker tables for room, pub, office and other different places. We’ll also share a billiard table size guide for your convenience.

Size of Pool Table for Home

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Types of Billiard Tables

But before we get into the details, you need to understand that there are two types of billiard tables. Pool table and snooker table, so we’ll cover each type separately.

Pool Table Sizes

Pool tables come in different sizes in order to cater to different players. There are three main sizes of pool tables that are used in pool businesses, homes, or in pool tournaments around the world. Our pool table size guide will prove helpful for you to choose the right pool table size for your office, home, pub, or anywhere.

  • 3.5-Foot x 7-Foot Pool Tables
  • 4-Foot x 8-Foot Pool Tables
  • 4.5-Foot x 9-Foot Pool Tables

1. 3.5-Foot x 7-Foot Pool Tables (Best for bars, pubs and small rooms)

This is a small size category of pool tables, which usually people with small spaces buy. 7-foot pool tables are somewhat common. They are found in small pool businesses to homes. 7-foot tables are most commonly known as “Bar Box Tables”.

Also, 7ft is considered standard for a bar pool table as this size can be easily accommodated in any small or big bar.


These tables require different strategies since the table is small, it requires less effort to hit the cue ball to pot the other balls.

Playing 8-ball on these bar box tables can be quite hard since the play area is so small and you have to be extra careful to not get a foul by potting the black ball first, as it is highly likely that hitting one ball can hit another ball, due to its small surface.

The best thing to do is to minimize the movement of the cue ball as much as you can. Since the table is small, it will make you feel like you might fall all over it, the main problem could be how congested it might make you feel if you are of above average height.

2. 4-Foot x 8-Foot Pool Tables: (Med size rooms, Best for intermediate players)

As compared to 7-foot tables, 8-foot tables have a lot of space to play on and can make the player feel like they have more room to use different techniques and moves without having to worry about potting the cue ball in the pockets.

8-foot tables are the most common type of tables, they are perfect in size, and cater to the average person more as compared to 7-foot tables. It can also be deemed as a regulation pool table size for intermediate players.


8-foot pool table complements 8-ball as well as 9-ball variants very well. It is considered the perfect table for such games — the main reason being that it has more room to play on.

The pockets are smaller than the 7-foot pool tables, so you can play your natural game without having to worry about hitting the ball too hard. The surface of 8-foot tables is neither too rough nor soft, it is just right for proper movement of the balls.

3. 4.5-Foot x 9-Foot Pool Tables: (Used in professional tournaments, require significant space)

These tables are called the “Pro Tables” since all the players play on this table once they reach pro status. It is designed for players who have sound knowledge of the rules and physics of the game.

The large size of this type of pool table requires much effort to pot the balls. The pockets of 9-foot tables are tighter than the pockets of 8-foot tables and 7-foot tables. If you have a big room, then this table can fit right in. It also happens to be the professional and official pool table size.


The gameplay is much slower, the players can take time with their shots, due to the long table. Extreme focus is needed to hit the balls with complete accuracy due to the extended length of the table. It is easy to monitor the balls due to the vast size of the table.

Playing 8-ball, or 9-ball on this table can take extreme effort, making it athletically demanding.

The condition of 9-foot tables is better than the 8-foot tables since these tables are used in significant pool tournaments throughout the world, the quality is much better as compared to its smaller counterparts.

Snooker Table Sizes

Now that we have learnt about the pool table sizes, we are going to discuss snooker table sizes and where they should be used.

There are three snooker table sizes, 12 foot by 6 foot, 10 by 5 foot, and 8 by 4 foot.

1. 12 foot x 6 foot Snooker Table (Full size, Best snooker table size for big rooms)

As per World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association (WPBSA), the playing area of professional snooker tables is 11 feet 8.5 inches by 5 ft 10 in (3569 mm by 1778 mm).

This is the biggest size of a snooker table. You’ll find them in professional snooker tournaments, mostly. Therefore, it is known as the official snooker table size of professional snooker table size.


As you can understand from the size of this table, it is made for professionals. Amateurs would have to put a lot of effort in playing in such a big space. More power and accuracy would be needed behind the shots to pocket the ball in the desired pocket.

2. 10 foot by 5 foot Snooker Table (Bar snooker table size, Homes and Smaller Snooker Halls)

Snooker tables of this size are usually found in Pubs, homes and small snooker arenas where people might gather at leisure hours for informal snooker play.

This size is best for intermediate and amateur players who are just starting. Another reason why you should choose these tables if you are new to snooker is they are more budget friendly.

As a beginner, it’ll take time for you to maintain your table. So by going with a less expensive and small table, you can save some money, and space too.

This is kind of a regulation snooker table size for amateurs.


The less the space is, the easier it gets to aim well. The ball travels without much effort applied, so that the beginners can devote more focus to accuracy than speed and power.

3. 8 Foot By 4 Foot Snooker Table (If you have very little space)

Now there is a wide variety of snooker table sizes available, but most common snooker table sizes are the three mentioned here. Though you might not see this size much, but it’s used in small pubs, and tiny rooms where it’s not possible to accommodate a 10 by 5 table.


If you are a pro, or someone excelling in snooker, you might not like the size of this table. Because you’d not want to practice on a table that is way smaller than the standard snooker table size i.e. 9 foot table.

But for amateurs and intermediate with little area available to place their snooker table, this size is a decent choice.

What Size Do We Recommend For Your Billiard Table

I know it can be confusing to choose the right table size when you have so many options available. So we have recommendations of sizes for both Snooker and Pool Tables.

Ideal Size of Pool Table That We Recommend

The Pool table size that we recommend is 4 foot by 8 foot.

The thing is, this size is somewhere in between too small and too big. Therefore, it’d be much easier to make some space for it than.

If you go for the smallest size, you might not excel to ultimately become a professional. And if you buy the biggest size, you might not have the space to accommodate it.

So the size in the middle is the best option available.

Ideal Size Of Snooker Table That We Recommend

Likewise, for snooker tables, we recommend 10 foot by 5 foot size. Because the 12 foot size would not only acquire a substantial space but also prove difficult for you if you are not a pro.

Also, 12 foot size can cost you up to $10,000, which is way beyond the reach of an ordinary snooker enthusiast.

Pool Table Size Comparison

When we talk about normal pool table size, it varies from person to person. And choosing the right pool table size can be a confusing job. Here is our guide on best pool table size for you to assist you in choosing the right pool table.

Average Size of Pool Tables

Pool Table ForSizeCue Size
Small room (17 by 13’)7-Foot Table48 Inch
Med Size Room (19’ by 14’)8-Foot Table52 Inch
Big Room (22’ by 16’ )9 Foot Table58 Inch
Office (20’ by 15’)8-9 Foot Table48-52 Inch
Pub (20’ by 15’)8-9 Foot Table58-85 Inch
Kids7 Foot Table48 Inch

As you can see, the right size of pool also depends upon the space available and cue stick you intend to choose.

Out of these sizes, the 9-foot table is considered the standard pool table size. It also happens to be the professional and most common pool table size.

When you hear the term regular pool table size, don’t get confused. By regular, people often mean the standard pool table size, which is already covered above.

Snooker Table Size Comparison

And to remove all ambiguities from your mind, we have prepared a brief Snooker table size comparison so you can learn which size is the best for which category and what kind of space.

Average Size of Snooker Tables

Snooker Table ForSizeCue Size
Small Room (17’ by 13’)7′ x 3½’48 Inch
Med Size Room (19’ by 14’)8′ x 4′8′ x 4′
Big Room (22’ by 16’ )12′ x 6′58 Inch
Office (20’ by 15’)10′ x 5′48-52 Inch
Pub (20’ by 15’)10′ x 5′58-85 Inch
Kids8′ x 4′48 Inch

Bear in mind that there is no fixed rule of thumb to determine the size for each place. In fact, it’s the size of the area available that must be considered when choosing a snooker table. However, the above mentioned snooker table size guide will prove useful in most of the instances when you are choosing a snooker table size for office, pub, room or for any kind of place.

Pool Table Sizes vs Snooker Table Sizes

To make it further easy for you to understand this whole analogy of pool table sizes vs snooker table size, we have compared the different sizes of tables available for different areas.

Area / Age GroupPool Table SizeSnooker Table Size
Small room (17 by 13’)7-Foot Table7′ x 3½’
Med Size Room (19’ by 14’)8-Foot Table8′ x 4′
Big Room (22’ by 16’)9 Foot Table12′ x 6′
Office (20’ by 15’)8-9 Foot Table10′ x 5′
Pub (20’ by 15’)8-9 Foot Table10′ x 5′
Kids7 Foot Table7′ x 3½’

We still advise you to consider other aspects of the area where you intend to keep these tables before choosing any size. A little extra inch might cause tremendous trouble for you in accommodating your billiard table.

What Size of the Table Should I get?

Actually, it depends on the space you have available and the place you intend to keep your table, when it comes to choosing the size.

Pool Table

When it comes to buying pool tables, I’d recommend you to buy the biggest size i.e. 9 foot pool table if you intend to use it for professional tournaments.

For formal play, 8 foot pool tables are suitable. Like keep them in pubs, or anywhere indoor.

While if you are buying it for amateur kids for indoor use, then better go with the 7-foot table. They are likely to be easily moved around, a small playing area will be easier for kids to manage.

Snooker Table

Likewise, for snooker tables, a 12 foot snooker table is the best for professional play. If you have enough space available and a group of pro snooker players who don’t settle for anything less than the best, then you should go for this table.

For pubs, and indoor use, a 10 foot snooker table is recommended.

While for kids, there are a plethora of options available. The size of a snooker table can go down to 6 foot, so you can choose any size between 6-8 foot snooker tables that you feel is the right choice for your kids.

Best Billiard Table Size for a Home:

Although it is hard to determine which table will be the best since everyone has different needs and different sizes of houses. But if you are someone who wants to become a pro and wants to practice at home, then we can guide you on which size of snooker or pool table can be great for in house use.

Best Pool Table Size Guide For Home

To make it easier for you to choose the right pool table size for home, we have prepared a table that will guide you in accordance to your room rize.

3.5 x 7 foot tables4 x 8 foot tables4.5 x 9 foot tables
48 inch cueRoom Size: 11′ 6″ x 14′ 6″Room Size: 12′ x 15′ 6″Room Size: 12′ 6″ x 16′ 6″
52 inch cueRoom Size: 12′ x 15′Room Size: 12′ 6″ x 16′Room Size: 13′ x 17′
58 inch cueRoom Size: 13′ x 16′Room Size: 13′ 6″ x 17′Room Size: 14′ x 18′

Playing on 9-foot tables can help you become a better player on other tables as well.

But, generally, 8-foot tables are considered the best as they are the most common tables all over the world.

Playing on 8-foot tables can make you a pro when it comes to 7-foot tables, while also it will get you ready to play on 9-foot tables. Furthermore, 8-foot tables can generally fit everywhere. Hence, opting for an 8-foot table for your home is the best bet.

Best Snooker Table Size Guide For Home

Here is our snooker table size guide for home.

8 x 4 foot tables10 x 5 foot tables12 x 6 foot tables
48 inch cueRoom Size: 16′ x 12′Room Size: 18′ x 13’Room Size: 20′ x 14’
52 inch cueRoom Size: 17′ x 13′Room Size: 19′ x 14′Room Size: 21′ x 15′

Make sure you have measured the room area before choosing any of the above mentioned sizes. Furthermore, you must also consider the cue size, which is often neglected, though it can be an issue if you have little space available behind you.

How Much Distance Should Be Kept Between Billiard Table & The Wall?

This is a common, yet frequently neglected aspect while buying a billiard table. Imagine you buy a pool or snooker table, but you barely stand between it and the wall. Or in the worst cases, your cue stick keeps bumping at the wall behind you, disrupting your tempo.

So how to avoid it? How much distance should you keep between the billiard table and the wall?

A general rule of thumb to avoid this issue is, always keep your pool table at the center of the area and leave enough area behind you to prevent cue sticks from bumping into the wall. This distance should be at least 5 feet, and in the ideal cases more. An average cue stick size is between 48’ to 60’. This 5 feet distance would prove sufficient for you to push back and forth your cue stick without any issue while taking a shot.

How Much Space Is Required for A Home Billiard Table?

As we know choosing the right size of a pool or snooker table for home can be really tricky, we want to minimize any error by giving you table measurements for different sizes of your room.

Space Required for A Home Pool Table

Now that you have understood the different sizes of tables, the next part requires you to know how much space is generally needed for a home pool tables, since different spaces are needed for different kinds of tables.

A smaller table can easily fit into a room, while medium and larger tables would require sufficient space. But, in order to understand how much space is required for a pool table in your home according to your needs, there are some calculations that can help you.

1. 3.5-Foot x 7-Foot Pool Table:

Pool table Room Layout for 7 foot pool table

The playing area for this table is 38 inches x 76 inches.

  • For 48 inches cue: 11-foot and 6 inches x 14-foot and 6 inches room size would be required
  • For 52 inches cue: 12-foot x 15-foot room size would be required
  • For 58 inches cue: 13-foot x 16-foot room size would be required

2. 4-Foot x 8-Foot Pool Table:

Pool Table Room Layout for 8 foot pool table

The playing area for this table is 44 inches x 88 inches.

  • For 48 inches cue: 12-foot x 15-foot and 6 inches room size would be required
  • For 52 inches cue: 12-foot and 6 inches x 16-foot room size would be required
  • For 58 inches cue: 13-foot and 6 inches x 17-foot room size would be required

3. 4.5-Foot x 9-Foot Table:

Pool Table Room Layout for 9 foot pool table

The playing area for this table is 50 inches x 100 inches.

  • For 48 inches cue: 12-foot and 6 inches x 16-foot and 6 inches room size would be required
  • For 52 inches cue: 13-foot x 17-foot room size would be required
  • For 58 inches cue: 14-foot x 18-foot room size would be required

Space Required for A Home Snooker Table

Now that we have learnt about different pool table sizes and their relation with the space available at home, we’ll draw the same relation of snooker table.

1. 8 Foot by 4 Foot Tables

8 x 4 foot snooker table size guide

The playing area of this table is 14. 6 inches (width) x 24. 7 inches (length).

  • For 48 inches cue: 16-foot x 12-foot room size would be required.
  • For 52 inches cue: 18-foot x 13-foot room size would be required.
  • For 58 inches cue: 20-foot x 14-foot room size would be required.

2. 10 Foot By 5 Foot Tables

10 x 5 foot snooker table size guide

The playing area of this table is 44″ x 88″.

  • For 48 inches cue: 18-foot x 13-foot room size would be required.
  • For 52 inches cue: 19-foot x 14-foot room size would be required.
  • For 58 inches cue: 20-foot x 15-foot room size would be required.

3. 12 Foot By 6 Foot Tables

12 x 6 foot snooker table size guide

The playing area of this table is 70″ x 140.5″.

  • For 48 inches cue: 20-foot x 14-foot room size would be required.
  • For 52 inches cue: 21-foot x 15-foot room size would be required.
  • For 58 inches cue: 22-foot x 16-foot room size would be required.

Method to Find Out Which Size of the Pool Table Might Suit You the Best:

One way to make sure you will be able to put your preferred table in your home is to mark up your preferred table’s size, such as if you want a pro table which has 9-foot x 4.5-foot dimensions, then you have to mark up these dimensions in that area where you want to put the table.

After marking them, walk around the area and do your stances to see if the table is enough for you to play pool comfortably. This method can easily help you if your preferred table can fit well or not.

If the table doesn’t fit well, then instead of opting for a 7-foot table, you can opt for an 8-foot table, vice versa.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Right Size of Pool Table:

When looking for the right size of the pool table for your home, you don’t only have to look for the right length of the table. Instead, you have to consider other things, these things are the following:

1. Pool Lights:

Before buying the right size of the pool table for your home, make sure you have the right size of pool lights that can give optimal lighting to your size of the table. You should also know about the height/distance of lights from the pool table.

For example, a 3-light bar is not the proper light for a table that is 8-foot in length, you would need a 4-light bar for it to give off proper lighting on the rails and the surface of the table, hence, proper inspection and detailed knowledge is required.

2. Rugs:

Rugs are essential, but make sure the rug that is installed can’t be slipped or displaced easily, and that it doesn’t have any irregularities, as any bump can make the pool table seem like it has a downward slope.

Guiding the Pool Table into the Game Room:

Before buying a pool table that fits your room, you should make sure the pool table can fit itself in the staircases as round staircases can halt the table and make it impossible to move the table in the specified area of your choosing.

Ask for an Expert’s Help:

Before buying a pool table, it is recommended to talk to a billiards expert who can inspect your house correctly to see where the table can fit properly.

Final Thoughts:

Make sure to measure the area correctly where you want to put your desired pool table.

Ensure that the area is enough for you to play pool on. You do not want to be in a position where you have already bought the pool table and placed the rug, and the lights before, only to find out the table can’t even reach that area.

Hence, do your research, and make necessary precautions before you buy the right size of the pool table for your home.

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