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Does Chalk Color Really Matter?

We are going to answer an interesting question from Jordan today regarding chalk color.


I’m a billiard enthusiast who watches every snooker or pool game on TV. But I’m curious, all my life I have seen players using chalk on their cue tips, and this chalk color is blue. What is the point of using blue chalk in the pool? Are there different colors of billiard chalk and does the color really matter? What color do pro use?


The chalk color has nothing to do with your chalk’s performance. It depends on the quality, not color. You are free to use any color.

The reason why blue chalk color is more common is it has been used for over a century. Blue, or whatever color chalk you use on your cue tip, the color doesn’t make any technical difference.

It depends on the quality of the chalk. A blue chalk made of ordinary material won’t do any good to your shots. Likewise, a chalk of any other color while made up of quality material will impact your play significantly.

If you want to learn more about chalk colors, and their impact on the game, you can read further to leave this page with all your queries answered.

Is There Only A Blue Color Chalk?

They are available in different colors and you have the freedom to choose whatever chalk color you want to. But as far as the history is concerned, blue chalk color has been used for over a century.

It has become a tradition to use green table felt and blue chalk color. Way back in the 1900s, when billiard was played outdoors, people mostly used blue color chalk.

Different Colors Of Billiard Chalk

And yes, there are different colors of pool chalk available. Blue, green, red, yellow, brown and the list goes on.

What Chalk Color Do Pro use?

As said earlier, it doesn’t make any difference what color of chalk you use. However, more often than not, you’ll see pros and professional players using blue chalk because it has been a traditional color for more than a century now.