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Converting a Non-slate into a Slate Pool Table

Convert a Non slate into a Slate Pool Table

Today, we are featuring a question from Owais. Let’s see what he is asking.


I have a pool table which is a non-slate one, and I enjoy playing on it. But ever since I played on a slate pool table, my preference has changed. Now I want to convert my pool table into a slate pool table. I want to ask if such conversion is possible. If yes then can please guide me on how I can do that? Plus, my pool table is classic, made out of wood with MDF in place of slate if this information helps.

Well first of all, I am pretty happy to know that you have decided to move from the non-slate tables.


Before I answer your question, I must drop a quick review about slate and such conversion. Conversion of a pool table from non-slate to a slate one is possible. But it solely depends upon the construction of the table. Since the slate is heavy in form as it is made out of stone, it needs a strong frame to hold it. If the non-slate pool table has an average frame, then it will be hard for the legs of the pool table to hold the slate firmly. If such is the case, then the balance of the pool table will not be even. Furthermore, an uneven pool table is not good enough to play.

To add more, one should remember that slate is that piece of stone which cannot be wrapped. That is why; most of the pool tables are made out of one piece of slate or two or more. Whatever the case may be, to convert your non-slate pool table, the construction must be strong and solid made out of wood.

Now coming back to your question, converting a pool table with MDF into a slate pool table is not only risky but more costly as well. The legs of your pool table are not strong enough since they are made for the MDF bed. The other obvious fact is that construction is also very differently done. The slate bed needs strong and solid construction along with stability and endurance.

I would suggest you get the construction checked by an expert and only if they recommend then try for such conversion otherwise buy a new pool table which will be more long-lasting and offers much smoother play than other beds like MDF or honeycomb.