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Steps to Install Your Cue Wrap the Right Way

So, you probably have purchased a cue wrap, and now you are looking to install it as soon as possible to take your game to the next level.

I can understand, when it comes to our billiard accessories, we are extra cautious because a little bit of negligence can cause irrevocable damage to them. And the same goes for your cue stick.

In this article, I’m going to share a complete guide on how you can install a cue wrap, in terms of the material you have.

Make sure you read the complete article because little information can be a cause of trouble, some times.

How to Install a Cue Wrap

Because the procedure for installing a particular type of wrap is different, I’m going to write separate steps for each.

Steps to Install a Leather Wrap

Leather wrap installation process is more complex than other materials, and to do it in a neat way, we’d require a few things:

  • Leather
  • Tape
  • Razors
  • Wrap magix fixture
  • Leather wrap template
  • Contact cement

Now that we have the above required things, we can start installing the leather wrap by following these steps:

  1. We’ll start by masking up the joins with tape. To ensure that they remain safe.
  2. Now put your cue in the wrap magic fixture and mark a line straight down the tape. You have marked the seam area.
  3. Now put tape over that area, so you don’t get any glue on it.
  4. Put the leather you have cut down according to the marked area.
  5. Then use a leather wrap template to mark the center and cut the useless side with the help of razor.
  6. Then use some contact cement over your marked area on your cue, and also on the leather.
  7. Now put the leather wrap over it and you’re done.

If you think it’s tough, then you can go to the professional and ask him to install the wrap because there’s no easy way to install a leather wrap. It’s a complex process and you should only give it a try if you are confident.

You can also install a stacked leather wrap using this process. The same equipment would be required.

Steps to install an Irish Linen Wrap

Now that’s another tricky process, but if you follow this step by step guide given below, you can do it.

You’ll need the following things:

  • Irish linen wrap
  • Silicone
  • Glue
  • Linen press

If you have gathered the above mentioned equipment, you can start the installation of Irish Linen Wrap by following the below steps:

  1. Mark the wrap area and put some glue on it, make sure you put it all over the wrapped area.
  2. Now start wrapping upside down (it’s not that simple). Throughout the process, you’d have to put your cue on something that keeps rotating it, so you can put the wrap easily. If you don’t have a cue wrapping machine, it might not be possible for you.
  3. However, if you put the linen over the wrap area, now cut a piece of scrape linen and put it over the wrapped linen’s left side to seal the wrap.
  4. Now you can use a linen press to make the linen smooth. Just use it over the cue wrap when it’s rotating and it’ll smoothen it up.
  5. You can use any small tool (a screwdriver or something with a sharp top) to tighten the wrap if it’s loose.
  6. To clean the wrap, you can spray starch on it just like you do to clothes.
  7. And in the last step, you can iron the wrap gently.

Once again, this is not as easy as you might think of it. These tools and cue wrapping devices that rotate the cue would be needed if you want to do it cleanly.

How Do You Put a Rubber Grip on a Pool Cue

And if we talk about putting up a rubber grip on a pool cue, this is relatively easier than the previous procedures we have discussed at the top.

Follow these steps to put a Rubber Grip on a Pool Cue:

  1. Some wraps do have a logo on them while some don’t, if you’re putting one on a cue with a logo, slide the wrap on top of the cue, with the logo placed closer to the tip.
  2. Then roll up the wrap from the bottom such that it gets into a donut shape.
  3. Now turn the roll inside down, put it on the cue and roll it down.
  4. Push it so it reaches the desired position.
  5. Once it has reached the desired position, roll up the thick part so that the wrap gets into perfect shape.
  6. In case the lower part of the wrap seems uneven, place your hand over it, roll it up and then roll it down again.
  7. The ends will be even now.
  8. And you have just put up a rubber grip on your pool cue.

The reason why rubber gripping your cue is easier is because it doesn’t require any tool. Moreover there is no risk of damaging your cue. That’s why for putting a rubber grip on your cue you don’t have to go anywhere but you can do it yourself.

Should You Install the Cue Wraps Yourself or Find An Expert?

We recommend you to avoid getting into this mess if you want to put an Irish Linen or leather wrap over your cue. It’s quite risky and would be quite expensive for you if you don’t have prior experience of doing it.

The thing is, both Irish linen wrapping and leather wrapping are quite complex. You have to be very careful how you carry out the process. Slightest of mistake can leave stains on your cue stick or even damage it.

Better be safe, and if you are not confident enough, seek a professional’s help.

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