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When we are playing pool, we tend to develop different techniques to improve the quality of our game. We get into different poses to strike differently and also use different cues to enhance the impact of different tips on the cue ball. In all these attempts, we get to know how to use the different […]

Let’s be honest, when you install a pool table at your home, everyone get interested in playing. Whether it is friends or family, everyone wants to play a game on it. Kids are no exceptions. They obviously watch all the hype and fun their elders are having while playing pool games then why not them? […]

Selecting a good cue may seem easy, but it is a lot trickier when you actually decide to buy one. Everyone has their own choices and preferences, but for your ease, I thought to list some of the best cues in front of you. After a lot of research, I found CUESOUL Handcraft 3/4 Jointed […]

Pool games are ideal for relaxation and enjoying time with friends. To have the best experience of play, you must buy a good quality pool table. For this, many people head towards the brands which have been the ruling parties regarding producing the best types of pool tables. Olhausen is one of those names which […]

Whenever you show off your newly bought pool table to others, they are left with nothing else but awe. Pool rooms have become a trendy place for people to meet socially for a friendly evening. But no one knows how much trouble you had when you first went to look for the best pool table. […]