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Best Pool/Snooker Table Brush | How Often Should It Be Used?

Just like our furniture at home, our billiard table requires regular cleaning. If you don’t clean it, the felt won’t last longer nor you’d enjoy the slow play.

When dust particles settle down at the billiard table or at its felt, the balls don’t move around smoothly. Also, the pool/snooker balls catch those contaminants when they spin on the table.

So it’s important to keep your billiard table and its felt clean.

If you were wondering what a pool/snooker table brush is for, then your answer is it is one of the cheapest and effortless ways to clean them. These are typical billiard brushes that are specifically made to clean them.

In this article, we’ll be discussing different billiard brushes, types of billiard brushes available, and which of them are the best.

Material Used In Pool Table Brushes

If you don’t know, all billiard table brushes have bristles – a bristle is a hair taken from an animal’s skin or nylon.

So either a pool table brush is made from nylon or animal’s hair. Horse Hair brushes are quite famous.

These brushes have different sizes and shapes.

Horse Hair vs Nylon Pool Table Brushes

A lot of pool players who own a pool table are confused. What’s the difference between horse hair and nylon pool table brushes?

The thing is, it’s the difference of material – nylon vs horse hair.

Nylon brush is for rough surfaces, it corrects and smoothens the imperfections on the pool table.

While for the tables having sensible pool table felts, a horse hair brush is better because nylon brush can damage them.

Normally, nylon brushes are cheaper while brushes made from hair taken out of an animal’s skin are quite expensive.

Best Billiard Table Brush That We Recommend

If you are looking to buy a pool/snooker table brush for your use, don’t need to search anywhere else. Because we have found a quality billiard brush that will do the cleaning for you.

Wooden Billiards Pool Table and Rail Brush – bouti1583

We recommend bouti for many reasons.

First and foremost, it’s cheap in price. Anyone from a casual player to a professional can afford it. Of course, there are brushes available which might be even better than this, but their prices are far away from a casual player’s reach.

And it’s smaller in size, which is a perk if you want to clean each and every corner. Dual length nylon bristles are hard to use because it’s harder to reach places like the table bed and underneath the rails with these. But since it’s not that big, you can get around the cushions and do the cleaning easily.

And the next impressive thing about this brush is it won’t distort the billiard’s surface, just like you use other home cleaning tools. Also, there is a small hole in the handle for easy hook storage.

The complete package includes billiard rail brush, hand held billiard table corner brush and billiard cue shaft slicker snooker cloth cleaner.


  • Available in yellow colour
  • Unisex
  • 1 x 9”L billiard rail brush
  • 1 x 8.5”L Hand held billiard table corner brush
  • 1 X 3.25”L billiard cue shaft slicker snooker cloth cleaner.


  • Cheap in price
  • Small in size


  • Bristles are little stiff

Not necessarily you’d agree with our choice, so if you are looking for the best horsehair pool table brush, then you can get that from here.

How To Use A Billiard Brush?

Cleaning your pool table with a brush does not include any rocket science but gentleness. You must not go hard at the table cloth.

Here’s a step by step guide to clean your pool/snooker table and the table cloth with the brush.

  1. In the first step, clean the table cloth. Use the brush to sweep the bumper rails’s debris onto the table.
  2. And then sweep other debris on the table at a single place, at any edge of the table or the center.
  3. Don’t go circular, use straight motion with sweep.
  4. Once the bumper railing and edges have been swept, now sweep debris from other parts.
  5. Once the whole debris has been cornered, you can either use a vacuum to suck the whole lot at once or gently collect the debris manually using a thin cardboard.

How Often Should You Brush Your Billiard Table?

Normally, there is no fixed rule how much and when should you brush your billiard table. It depends on the amount of snooker/pool played on it.

For some once in a week cleaning would be sufficient with the brush, while some may have to regularly brush their pool table.

It is recommended that you should brush your pool table after every 8-10 hours of play. Especially when consistent games are being played over it, like in pubs, bars, and commercial places.

People in such areas are casual players and they may not think much while chalking their cue sticks on the pool table or their cue sticks might bring dust and other particles on the table.

On the other hand, if your pool/snooker table is only used on weekends, then once in a week brushing would be enough.

And make sure you keep the table covered, because if it’s not covered, then regardless of the play it should be brushed daily because the dust from surrounding can easily settle at its top.

Why Are Pool Table Brushes Shaped?

The reason why we use specific brushes for cleaning our pool or snooker tables is not every brush can do the job. Because typical brushes used for cleaning might not be in the best of the shapes to be used on it, especially when you are cleaning the underneath area of a pool table.

That’s why the pool table brushes are shaped to ensure that they can be used anywhere from play field to side pocket, cushion or foot rail, head rail, etc. to wipe off the dust particles.


Pool table brushes are an essential part of your billiard accessories if you want to keep your table nice and clean. Not only it prolongs the lifespan of your table but also results in smooth play. And now, when we have elaborated you on different kinds of pool table brushes and their appropriate use, hopefully you’d be able to keep your pool table dust-free.

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